Top 10 Blogging Topic For Online Earning

top 10 blogging topics
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Top 10 Blogging Topic For Online Earning

Blogging is a great way to earn money sitting at home and if you also want to blog for online earnings. So you have come to the right place, keep reading this post, in this post, we will tell you about 10 Blogging topics. If you create a blog on these topics and bring traffic on it, then you can start earning money quickly from your blog.

There are so many topics to create blogs, but if you create a blog on Popular Topic, you will get more traffic in less time, which will make earning more. And if you make a blog on such topics on which very few people search, then it will take you a long time to get success.

Blogging Online Earning Example:-

Suppose you have 2 blogs on a popular topic and a general topic. There are 10 posts on Blogs with Popular Topics while Show posts are posted on the General Blog.

Now, since more people search on popular topics, your 10 posts blog popular blog will get more traffic than a blog with 100 posts.

But you will take more time to write 100 posts than 10 posts. It is clear that if you write on a popular topic, you will get success in a short time.

Now we are telling you top blogging niche keyword. The blogs on which you can earn more money by building a blog Popular Blog Topics

Popular Topics For Blogging

Popular Topics For Blogging

 1. Health And Fitness

These topics are long-lasting topics and new blogs also rank highly on it. Even after writing thirty to forty posts on it, you can leave it for six months, even then your blog’s ranking will never be reduced.

More than half of the people in the world search Google on health and fitness every day. So these topics are also good enough to rank a new blog.

2. How To Make Money

There is hardly any internet user who uses the internet and has not searched in Google about how to earn money sitting at home online from the internet.

Everyone wants to know how to earn money from the internet. If you specially create a site whose Niche is just Make Money Online, then it will become popular in a very short time.

 3. Jobs & Carrier

This is a topic that is being searched almost all the time and is in great quantity. In such a situation, if you create a website with a job, then you can start earning by bringing a large number of visitors to your blog within one to two months.

This is a topic that is being searched almost all the time and is in great quantity. In such a situation, if you create a website with a job, then you can start earning by bringing a large number of visitors to your blog within one to two months.

For this website you need a good web hosting that can handle the traffic of your website, if you do not have a team then it will be difficult for you to run this website

4. Food

This is also the world’s popular topic. Now you can share information about foods around the world by creating a blog on this topic. There is no shortage of people who are searching for food on the internet.

If you search related to food on YouTube and Google, you will find lots of videos and articles on it.

5. Beauty & Fashion

We all have a passion to look beautiful and fashionable. Everyone is trying to show themselves better. You too must have done this.

If you create a blog in which information about beauty and fashion is given, then it will get a very good response and in a very short time, there will be good traffic on your blog.

6. Lifestyle

We have almost forgotten our lifestyle in the run of life. But there is still no shortage of people searching in Google for lifestyle.

It is one of the top topics in the world, on which more and more searches are done. You start a lifestyle blog, then see your posts will start going viral as soon as possible.

7. “How To” And “What Is” Topic

If you create a new blog on the topic of How To and What Is, then this will also rank your blog in a short time and you will soon start getting great traffic.

These topics are searched every day in millions on Google, so with the help of these topics, you can earn your money by ranking your blog in Google quite fast.

8. Motivational

Whenever we are depressed, we need a Motivational Speaker. Who can give us good advice and show the right path, explain it properly?

You can start helping people get ahead in life like Dr. Vivek Bindra by creating a motivational blog. You will get success with blessings very soon.

9. Product/Service Review

Let us know that some new things are coming into our world every day. If you revise those things and share their specifications with visitors then your blog will rank significantly more than this.

Nowadays everyone has got a shop to know about new things, so if you revise new technology and gadgets, then surely your blog will rank in less time.

10. Beginner Guide

The Internet is full of questions about “how to do” beginner guides. If you create a blog on which only the initial guide is shared, then you will get a very good response.

If you want, you can start writing a beginner guide blog on a topic like a Computer Beginner Guide, WP Beginner and then expand every question related to your topic on it.

Final Words

I have tried many such blogs, who started a blog on one of these topics and achieved success in 2 to 3 months. Today he is earning good money from his blog.

If you blogging on low competition high search keyword, then you rank easily and fast. I am sure that if you blogging on any of these keywords, then you will start earning money from your blog in a short time.


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