Tattoo Side Effect- Health And Social

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Tattoo Side Effect

18 years to 40 years, between the ages of about 40% of people have tattoos. In this growing fashion trend, everyone wants that they also make tattoos in their body, almost 60 million people have tattoos in which 10% of the people are regretting their tattoos. The tattoo side effect is the reasons for people’s regret that you will know in this article.

Tattooing is not a fashion of today’s time. The history of tattoos is very old, Tattooing is being done for more than 5000 years. If you are crazy for tattoos too and you do not want to regret any, then read this article.

Skin is the largest organ of our body when we create tattoos in our body it is our first duty to protect our body. The surface includes a total of three layers: Epidermis, Dermis, and tissue. Epidermis layer contains 5 Sublayer. Tattoo needles enter the dermis layer while you are creating tattoos. If the tattoo needle does not penetrate the dermis layer, then the tattoo ink will spread out as it is due to the 5 Sublayer of the epidermis. If the tattoo needle depth is too deep,

You have to suffer unbearable pain and may also be prone to a skin infection

Tattoo Health Side Effect

tattoo side effect


 Allergies to Ink

A mother decided to get a tattoo to show her love for her daughter. Everything was fine for 6 weeks. 6 weeks later, the tattoo was bumpy, and also the red color was fading. Tattooist told her to use of antiseptic cream.

She was allergic to the red ink. “The dermatologists took one look at it and were shocked. Before this, he never saw such an allergy. Doctors had to remove it from surgery after one year; despite surgery, there were less than 4 CM marks.

Doctors still could not know what was in the red ink; they believed that will there be some deadly chemical in ink. Doctors think that traditional pigments and their degradation products used in tattoos such as (Green, Yellow, Red) based pigments are a reason for these types of reactions.

Before you make tattoos, you must know that you do not have any skin (Ink) allergies.

Skin Infection

tattoo skin infection

Tattooing is an art, this process is technical which hurts your both skins Epidermis and Dermis. A good and experienced tattoo artist will advise you on how to stop the infection. When creating tattoos, the nonsterile water is mixed with the ink before injection.

After creating tattoos first two weeks are most vulnerable to a skin infection. Redness, itchiness, and discharge are symptoms include. Tattooing area may also become swollen. If the infection spreads, the other symptoms, such as fever and in severe cases, diseases can be chronic.

Sterilization of needles

A good tattoo artist always uses the Settlement Needles if he does not do so, as well as having HIV, Hepatitis, including MRSA, can lead to a blood infection.

MRI complications with tattoos

If you have to make an MRI in the tattoo area, then magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can interfere with your tattoo and it may cause itching or irritation.

Precaution to Making Tattoos

1. Whenever you want to make tattoos, find an experienced tattoo artist, find out well about him, check out his past works, what kind of ink he uses. If you want a proper tattoo in your body then do not think of saving the money.

2. What tattoo artist wears gloves when making tattoos, cleans your hands thoroughly.  Does he use a sealed package needle?

Care of Tattoo

tattoo side effect

After tattooing, how do you take care of your tattoo? You can take care of your tattoo in this way:

Keep the tattooed place clean,  clean the skin with a soft touch, wash the tattooed skin with normal water or regular soap.  Do not the direct stream of water on tattoo skin.

Use moisturizer cream Day 3-4. Avoid sun exposure for 3 to 4 weeks. Avoid swimming, hot tubs, rivers, lakes water while your tattoo is healing.

Choose to clothe carefully. Wear loose clothes. Do not wear any clothes that stick to tattoos.

Tattoo skin takes 2 to 3 weeks to recover. Meanwhile, do not scratch tattoo skin even when itching.

If you think your tattoo is infected and not healing correctly contact your doctor.

Social Risk of Tattoos

  • Make tattoos only when you are 18 years old or older. According to our age, the priority of our life also changes, due to which we may have to regret many times.
  • Never make a tattoo of the name of a lover or partner, many times over time, our lover and partner also change, In the wake of which may have to repent.
  • There are different cultures throughout the world. Whenever you make tattoos, make sure that your society permits that type of tattoo.
  • If you are employed, do not make a tattoo that will spoil your personality.
  • Tattoos are part of our body. Whenever you make a tattoo, make sure that what does mean of that tattoo in your life, you will not be bored in future with that tattoo.
  • Tattooing is easy, but it is complicated to hide later. The laser does not cover the tattoo completely, even after spending a lot, you will not be able to hide that tattoo completely.

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