Untold Secret History of Tattoos

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In this post i am going to tell you Untold Secret History of Tattoos, So lets start. Tattoos are a mark of attraction whether you’re a celebrity or a common man.

You will find craze among men and women for tattoos. Today, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about tattoos.

Tattooing is an ancient art. It is a form of body modification or beautification. Researchers estimate that about 4 in every 10 young adults aged 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo. More than half of them have two or more. In some countries, it is very popular, and some countries are banned.

Swastika Tattoo

Since Swastika is considered as a Good and auspicious symbol in Indian culture since ancient times. The swastika is an auspicious sign and created initiating any new work. Although, the people of Germany are afraid to see the Swastika symbol because this auspicious sign was used by Hitler during World War II due to which some European countries such as France, Germany, and Slovakia have banned creating swastika symbol of as a Tattoo.


Tattoos In Specific Areas Of The Skin

In most countries, to make tattoos in the body minimum age required is 18 years. According to Denmark Law formed in 1966, you can’t make tattoos on your hands, eyes, and head.

Apart from this, in the United States it was considered illegal to make tattoos before 2006, but after 2006 tattooing became legal, but still in some states like Georgia creating tattoos in certain parts of the body are banned. You can’t make tattoos on your eyes. To making tattoos on your eyes, the minimum distance should be 1 inch. It is considered also illegal to make tattoos with alcohol.

Islamic view on Tattoos

It is illegal to create any type of permanent tattoo on your body according to Islam Because in Islam there is a belief that making tattoos in the body insult to God. In May 2015, the religious institution of Iran has banned creating tattoos as well as Spykar hair cut. After the ban of creating tattoos in Islamic countries, still, you can see the craze for tattoos among the Iranian youths.

Tattoos In Japan

Tattoos were first banned in Japan in 1872, later this ban was removed in 1948, but today even now Japanese people do not like making tattoos, they believe that Gangster and illegal workers make tattoos in the body. Japan’s restaurants and hotel owners do not allow those people who have a tattoo on their body so that their customers do not feel bad.

Tattoos History In North Korea

In North Koria, there is a restriction on tattoos but those some tattoos are allowed only if your tattoos show gratitude and praise for Kim’s family, You can make tattoos but if your tattoo’s meaning is opposed objectionable to Kim’s Leaders then you may have to suffer punishment

Tattoos History In Vietnam

Tattooing is a stigma in Vietnam. Tattooing is considered to be associated with illegal activities. In any shop or studio in Vietnam where tattoos are made they are have been completely banned.

Tattoos History In Thailand & Shri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, there have been lots of arrests in the last few decades because of showing tattoos related to Buddhism in public. Sri Lankan Govt. is very strict and dedicated to their religion.

Like in Sri Lanka, Thailand is also prohibited from making religious tattoos. Apart from this, you can make any tattoo. Thai people welcome tourists who had tattoos marked on their the body.

Know About Tattoo Side Effect

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