What are the best hosting services for high traffic websites

When you are hosting a website that receives high traffic, you need to make sure that the hosting is capable of handling the traffic. Otherwise, you will be providing a disappointing experience to all the visitors who come in. This is where we thought of sharing the best hosting services that can host high traffic websites effectively. You can go through these options and pick one out of them.

• Cloudways

Cloudways is quite popular among people who own high-traffic WordPress websites. You can easily boost the performance of your website along with all the features that are available with Cloudways. On top of that, you will love the simplicity that Cloudways is offering. For example, you will be able to scale up your website along with increasing traffic without a challenge. To improve performance, Cloudways is offering a tweaked environment along with SSD drives.

On top of that, you can also find an active cache and passive cache system. Therefore, you don’t have to keep any second thoughts in mind about the performance of your hosting plan.

• Flywheel

Flywheel is capable of managing massive volumes of traffic effectively. Due to the same reason, Flywheel is quite popular among professional users out there as well. You can get high performance at an affordable price with the help of Flywheel. One of the key features that you can find in Flywheel is automated backups. You don’t have to worry about managing the backups on your own.

You can also get the help of Flywheel to scan for malware effectively. One of the unique features that you will see in Flywheel is called as Blueprint. This will create a pre-installed package, which contains your favorite themes and plugins. This will assist you to keep your website accessible, regardless of traffic that you are getting.

• Kinsta

Kinsta is a hosting service that is powered along with the Google Cloud Platform. Hence, you can expect to receive an excellent functionality out of Kinsta at all times. If you are receiving a massive volume of traffic to your website, you will be able to purchase the Kinsta plan with unlimited page views for a price tag of $100.

It will never disappoint you and you will be able to receive the maximum returns for the amount you spend. One of the key features that you can get along with Kinsta hosting is enhanced security. You will be able to receive both active security and passive security at all times when using the hosting plans. You can also get a fully managed solution out of Kinsta.

• SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting services available out there. If you are planning to host a WordPress website that receives a lot of traffic, SiteGround will be a good option to consider. That’s because SiteGround is a hosting plan that has even received the recommendation of WordPress. You can always deliver a superior performance with the WordPress website.

On top of that, you will be able to receive top-notch customer support from SiteGround as well. There are multiple different hosting plans offered by SiteGround, which include Cloud Hosting and Go Geek which are ideal for hosting a WordPress website.

• Pagely

Pagely is another top-notch hosting service that is capable of offering excellent support to the websites that receive massive traffic. You can always rely on the hosting plans offered by Pagely. On the other hand, it is offering some outstanding hosting features, such as managed WordPress hosting. Pagely hosting is powered along with AWS. Therefore, you will not have to worry too much about the performance of your websites, even when they start getting spikes in traffic.

Along with your Pagely hosting plan, you can expect to get exposed to a powerful tech stack as well. This offers enhanced scalability, stability, and performance. You can also receive WordPress VPS hosting plans offered under the brand name of Pagely. Another great feature you can get with Pagely hosting is the presence of load balanced clusters. They will balance out traffic and ensure that your website is capable of sustaining high traffic at any given time.

Final words

These are 5 of the best hosting services available for hosting a high traffic generating website. No matter how many visitors are coming to your website at a given time, you will be able to use any of these hosting plans and manage it effectively.

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