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Welcome to www.kushalpathania.com. I am Kushal Pathania Youtuber and Blogger creating videos and Blogging is my Passion. Two years ago I had open a YouTube channel Hindi Mein Jaankari. In this channel, I make a video about Technology, Mobile Apps, Make Money, Tips and Tricks. Videos are in this channel in the Hindi Language. If you are a Hindi language lover, then you can visit this channel. I am also very fond of writing. I have many web sites where I am blogging. Apart from Blogging, listening to songs, watching movies, art, cooking and travelling are my hobbies.

In today’s world, we get everything on the internet. Whether it is entertainment or any information, any information is available on the internet. Whenever we have any thought, or we have to know about a thing, then we do search on google or watch videos on YouTube. But in many places today due to lack of internet speed, people like to view the website instead of video or, say the readings of many people are a habit.

I aim to give you information about every topic on this website. In kushalpathania.com, I will provide you with information on these topics.


Art is a favourite of all, there are many forms of art, but on this website, we will not consider all aspects of art. In this section, we will cover Tattoos, Body Art, Piercing, Painting, Photography Topics only.


In the world of the Internet, we want to rank our content or videos in search. You can learn about Search Engine Optimisation’s latest tips and tutorials on this website.


Whenever we think of advertising our products or services, then we found the only internet is the cheapest and effective platform for advertising. In this website you can learn about Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Platforms, Free Digital Marketing, Paid Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing Services, etc.


Whenever we talk about online earnings in today’s time, Google’s name comes first, and we know about Blogging. In this website we talk about Blogging, How to make money online, How to Make Money With YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Technology, Tips and Tricks, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Products Review, etc.


We talk about any topic, we get the top 10 list in that topic. In this website we talk about top 10 list in Digital Marketing Products, SEO Tools, Softwares, Top 10 Services, Top 10 Income Opportunity etc.

Apart from this, if you have any question about anything else then you can contact me [email protected]